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The programme on the legal aspects of debt, financial management and negotiation is designed to benefit senior and middle-level government officials who are involved in the fields of debt, financial management and negotiation of financial transactions. Workshops bring together both lawyers and non-lawyers. These officials might hail from different target institutions which can be broken down as follows:
Technical and Non-Technical Ministries (including Ministries of Finance, Planning, Justice, Foreign Affairs; Attorney-Generalís Office);
Central Banks;
Parastatals and major borrowers (such as ports, railways, airlines, etc.);
Public and private banks including development banks;
Trade Ministries and Boards;
Universities (faculty of law, economics, finance);
Non-governmental organizations; and
Research and Training Institutions and network of lawyers dealing with debt and financial management.
The participants represent different disciplines (lawyers, economists, financial experts, accountants) keeping in view the multidisciplinary approach of the programme -- that is, involvement of lawyers and non-lawyers to understand each others mutual role in the borrowing process. Officials who are actively involved in the various aspects of debt and financial management which may include formulation of a borrowing strategy, loan drafting and preparation of documents as well as negotiation, policy decisions and arbitration will benefit most from our workshops..
    See Workshop Assessment, Comments and Job Responsibilities of Selected Past Participants.

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