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Between January 1998 and December 2000 (Phase Seven of the Programme) UNITAR trained 437 senior and middle-level government officials from 22 Sub-Saharan African countries and conducted 17 regional workshops in various areas relating to the legal aspects of debt and finance management. The hallmark of this phase was partnerships with four African Regional Training Institutes (ESAMI in Arusha; ILI-Uganda in Kampala; MEFMI in Harare; and WAIFEM in Lagos) with a view to deepening the impact of training and making training in the legal aspects of debt and finance management part of the regular training curriculum of these institutes. 16 out of the 17 workshops conducted were conducted as part of a formal partnership agreement between UNITAR and its African Training Partners. UNITAR also worked closely with its partners to identify and involve African experts in its training activities - out of 66 experts utilized in its training activities, 46 came from Africa. It is worth mentioning here that the regional nature of the workshops has been most appreciated by all parties involved in training activities as they offer a unique opportunity for cross-fertilization of information and views. This phase has also seen the development of eight documents published as part of UNITAR's Document Series and following specific regional workshops.

Progress Report in respect to the recommendations of the 1997 Evaluation Report

Recommendation 1 and Progress 1
Recommendation 2 and Progress 2
Recommendation 3 and Progress 3
Recommendation 4 and Progress 4
Recommendation 5 and Progress 5
Recommendation 6 and Progress 6
Recommendation 7 and Progress 7

UNITAR has also placed considerable emphasis during the last two years on fine-tuning and improving the dissemination of its documentation and training materials. UNITAR has always been cognisant of the fact that proper dissemination of materials also leads to building and strengthening of capacities. For this, existing databases have been updated and revamped. Publications are now systematically sent to African Regional Training Institutes; African Government Offices; all participants and others.

UNITAR has also upgraded and updated its Debt and Finance Management Website (www.unitar.org/dfm) to include updated information on all workshops being conducted as well as the registration requirements. For this, Nomination Forms and Resource Person Roster Forms are also placed on-line. It is also encouraging to note that this Website (developed from minimal resources) receives among the highest hits compared to other UNITAR programme websites.



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