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DFM Collaboration with African Regional Partner Institutes

As part of UNITAR's Training Programme in the Legal Aspects of Debt and Financial Management for Sub-Saharan Africa, UNITAR has conducted short-duration regional seminars and workshops since 1990. These workshops primarily aim at addressing the priority training needs of senior and middle-level government officials working in the Ministries of Finance, Justice, Economic Planning, Attorney-General's Chambers, Foreign Affairs, Central Banks as well as other agencies involved in financial management at the national level.

Traditionally, UNITAR organized seminars and workshops along with the respective United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Field Offices, in which the latter primarily provided logistical support to UNITAR at the venue of the workshop.

Since January 1998, and in line with UNITAR's mandate of increasing impact, ensuring complementarity of training programmes, cost-sharing, and collaboration with other institutions, UNITAR developed formal training and capacity building links (through mutually agreed and signed Memoranda of Understanding) with four regional training institutes from East, West and Southern Africa.

The four African Regional Partner Institutes are:

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