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Table of Planned Training Activities (e-Learning and Workshops)

UNITAR e-Learning Course on Mechanics of Loan Agreements (MLA)
(E) -- Completed

February 28 - April 8, 2005

UNITAR e-Learning Course on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (E) -- Completed

May 30 - July 8, 2005 Internet-based
Joint UNITAR/MEFMI Regional Workshop on Legal and Institutional Aspects of Public Debt for Eastern and Southern Africa (E) -- Completed

August 1-5, 2005 Lilongwe, Malawi
UNITAR e-Learning Course on Fundamentals of Capital Market Development and Regulation (E) -- Completed

August 15 - September 23, 2005 Internet-based
Joint UNITAR/WAIFEM Regional Workshop on Negotiation of Financial Transactions for English-speaking West Africa (E) -- Completed

September 5-9, 2005 Banjul, The Gambia

UNITAR e-Learning Course on Negotiation of Financial Transactions (NFT) (E) -- Completed

September 5 - October 14, 2005 Internet-based
UNITAR e-Learning Course on Debt Rescheduling with the Paris Club (DRN) (E) -- Completed

October 3 - November 11, 2005 Internet-based
Joint UNITAR/MoF/AusAid National Workshop on Legal Aspects of Public Debt Management and Drafting Clauses of Loan Agreements for the Government of Indonesia (E) -- Completed
November 21-25, 2005 Jakarta, Indonesia
UNITAR/MoF/Stakeholder National Consultation on the Draft External Debt Law of Indonesia (E) -- Completed
November 28 - December 2, 2005
Jakarta, Indonesia
UNITAR e-Learning Course on Capital Market Development and Regulation - Advance Course (CMD2) (E) -- Completed

October 31 - December 9, 2005 Internet-based
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(E) - in English; (F) - in French; (R) - in Russian; (V) - in Vietnamese
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