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Links to On-Line Resources

In our aim to offer information on public debt management we have developed a links site with categories related to all aspects of debt management. We believe this is a comprehensive links resource in the field of debt management. The Organizations listed run independent development-related projects and most of them do not have formal cooperation or links with UNITAR, and are not supported by UNITAR. These links are provided for information purposes only.

In our efforts to be of assistance we will try to keep the list as exhaustive as possible. However if you know of or come across a relevant link you think should be added, or a new URL for an existing organization, please let us know (Email: DFMinfo@unitar.org).

  • Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
    UNITAR offers a comprehensive links site to NGOs working with development and debt issues on the web. This section currently contains links to 90 NGOs.

  • Capacity Building
    This category contains links to Capacity Building resources in the field of Debt and Financial Management.

  • E-learning
    Besides UNITAR's own e-Learning programme and online courses, here are links to some other organisations providing e-learning in the fields of socio-economic development.

  • Regional / International Training Institutes
    Links to Regional/International Training Institutes, mainly from Africa.

  • International Organizations
    Links to 31 International Organizations.

  • Government Organisations
    Links to Government Development Assistance Agencies, Ministries of Finance (and Justice), Debt Management Offices and Central Banks; in Africa and OECD countries.

  • Private Organisations
    Links to Stock Exchanges in Africa and OECD countries, and Financial and Law firms/Organizations offering services related to public debt management.

  • Financial Glossaries
    Links to various monolingual and multilingual glossaries and databases related to finance, debt management, investment, development, poverty reduction, etc. on both public and private websites.

  • Loan Agreements Database
    Links to different samples Loan Agreements (negotiated or not) and related documents.

  • International Law Resources
    Links to online legal resources.

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