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Document No. 4
Negotiations in Debt and Financial Management

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Table of Contents
1. Problems faced by Borrowers when Negotiating
2. Theoretical Introduction to Negotiation: What is a negotiation?
3. The Interest-Based Strategy: What does Effective Negotiation involve?
A. The Negotiation Strategy
B. Preparing to Negotiate
C. The Negotiation
4. Realities: What are some Strategies to Deal with Difficulties?
5. Conclusion

List of Text Boxes

An African Perspective: Problems Borrowers face when Negotiating Grant, Bilateral, and Multilateral Loan Agreements

The Challenges of Financial Negotiations

The Interest-Based Negotiating Strategy: What are the Principles of the Interest-Based Strategy

The Interest-Based Strategy and Effective Negotiation Preparation

The Interest-Based Strategy in the Negotiation Process

Recommendations of Resource Persons at UNITAR Seminars and Workshops - A Proactive Negotiation Strategy

Strategies to ensure that Negotiations proceed on the Merits of the Issues

UNITAR's Addis Ababa Workshop on Negotiating and Drafting of Loan Agreements

Published in Geneva,
December 1994

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