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List of Published Documents
Document No.1 Debt Re-Structuring (February 1992)
Document No.2 Recommendations of Participants (March 1992)
Document No.3 Good Debt Management Pays (January 1993)
Document No.4 Negotiations in Debt and Financial Management (December 1994)
Document No.5 The Role of the Lawyer in External Debt Management (October 1995)
Document No.6 Selected Essays on Development Finance and the Role of the Lawyer in International Debt Operations (July 1999)
Document No.7 Selected Issues in Loan Negotiations with Official Creditors
(September 1999)
Document No.8 The "Building Blocks" of Effective Government Debt Management
(December 1999)
Document No.9 Problems and Perspectives of Debt Negotiations (April 2000)
Document No.10 Negotiation of Specific Clauses of Loan Agreements (May 2000)
Document No.11 The Role of Parliamentary Counsel in Legislative Drafting (May 2000)
Document No.12 Tax Legislation and the Lawyer's Training needs: An African Perspective (November 2000)
Document No.13 Capital Market Development: The Road Ahead (November 2000)
Document No.14 Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (March 2001)
Document No.15 Negotiation and Drafting Clauses in Loan Agreements: Events of Default (March 2001)
Document No.16 The Role of the International Monetary Fund in Africa (July 2001)
Document No.17 Institutional Framework for Public Sector Borrowing
(October 2002)
Document No.18 Promoting Growth in African Capital Markets (November 2002)
Document No.19 The Role of Lawyers in International Financial Negotiations (September 2003)
Document No.20 A New Direction for African Capital Markets (December 2004)
Document No.21 A New Approach to Debt Management (January 2005)

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