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Best Practices Series

Series 9
  Management of External Debt:
International Experiences and Best Practices
  by Tarun Das

January 2006
(48 pages, 375kb, Adobe Acrobat 5 format)

Table of Contents

Introductory Note

  • Management of External Debt - International Experiences and Best Practices

1. Conceptual Issues

1.1 Definition of External Debt
1.2 Debt Sustainability and Fiscal Deficit
1.3 Debt Sustainability and Current Account Deficit
1.4 Liquidity versus Solvency

2. Risk and Debt Sustainability Measurements

2.1 Economy wide model in ALM framework
2.2 Different Types of Risk
2.3 Risk Management
2.4 Sustainability Indicators
2.5 World Bank Classification of External Debt

3. Inter Country Comparisons

3.1 Top ten debtor countries
3.2 Selected countries in Asia and Pacific
3.3 South Asia, and East Asia & Pacific

4. International Best Practices

4.1 New Zealand
4.2 Australia
4.3 Ireland
4.4 European Union
4.5 India

5. External Debt situation in Indonesia

6. Lessons from International Best Practices

- Selected References

- Statistical Tables

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