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Best Practices Series

Series 7
  Best Practices in Drafting Arbitration Clauses
  by Mr. Arif Hyder Ali

March 2004

(44 pages, 351 kb, Adobe Acrobat 5 format)

Table of Contents

  • Introductory Note

  • Best Practices in Drafting Arbitration Clauses

    I. The Importance of Arbitration for Foreign Direct Investment and International Commerce

    II. Guidelines for Drafting an Effective and Enforceable Dispute Resolution Clause

    A. Pre-Drafting Considerations and Planning

    1. Arbitration Clause or Submission Agreement?
    2. Are There Any Mandatory or Formal Requirements?
    3. Are There Any Prior or Related Agreements?
    4. How Detailed Should the Clause Be?
    5. Single or Multi-step Dispute Resolution Clause?
    6. Institutional or Ad hoc Arbitration?

    B. Fundamental Elements of an International Arbitration Clause

    1. Which Disputes Should Be Covered by the Clause?
    2. Which Arbitral Regime to Choose?
    3. What Place of Arbitration to Designate?
    4. Qualifications, Number & Appointment of Arbitrators
    5. Language of Arbitration
    6. Choice of Law Clause
    7. Amiable Compositeur or Ex Aequo et Bono
    8. Judicial Review

  • Annex
  • Author's Profile


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