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Best Practices Series

Series 2
  Best Practices in External Debt Management
  by Bolaji Owasanoye, Frank Mwine and Akin Arikawe

August 2001
(16 pages, 138kb, Adobe Acrobat 4 format)

Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Context
  • Regulation of Power To Borrow
  • Identification of Sources of External Loans
  • Establishment of Sound Debt Management Institution
  • Adoption of Sound Negotiation Strategy
  • Regional Networking and Information Sharing
  • Other Good Practices
  • Conclusion
  • Authors' Profiles

Also see, summary of the views expressed at the Regional Workshop on Loan Negotiation and Re-negotiation organized by UNITAR in collaboration with WAIFEM at Banjul, the Gambia April 23-27,2001. The above 'Best Practices' have been written following the UNITAR Banjul workshop in April 2001.


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