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To achieve the programme objectives UNITAR has followed a step-by-step cycle approach which we call "Training Concept". This approach provides a certain structure to the programme while giving it the flexibility to respond to the evaluations of the participants in designing future programmes.
Surveys and Country Visits to review current policies, debt strategies and training needs in the legal aspects of debt and financial management; identify potential training areas; identity potential participants and secure the commitment and cooperation of government officials.
Sub-Regional Awareness and Sensitization Seminars to raise awareness of decision-makers to the importance of the legal aspects of debt and financial management; to discuss best practices in the area of international borrowings; secure government commitment to the promotion of better debt and financial management and negotiation and to facilitate regional cooperation and networking.
National Follow-up Workshops to deal with country specific training needs in the fields of debt, economic, financial management and public administration.
Evaluation of Training Activities to assess the impact effectiveness and sustainability of training and to follow-up on recommendations generated during seminars and workshops.
Targeted In-depth Workshops to satisfy national requests to organize worshops dealing with specific issues for the partner countries.
  See Sample In-depth Workshop Report
Development and Introduction of Self-Contained Training Packages to assist national institutions to train their staff on debt and financial management issues and provide materials for use in on-the-job training in various government ministries as well as for use by university faculty members.
  See Training Packages
Training of Trainers Workshops to train trainers from universities and government training institutions with a view to building local capacities in training.
Networking of National Resources to facilitate the networking of the various countries which have been prepared through the sub-regional seminars and national follow-up workshops and thus, leading to sharing of experiences.
  See Profile of UNITAR Experts

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