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DFM Internships: Training Programmes in the Legal Aspects of Debt, Financial Management & Negotiation

Internship Overview
Every year, UNITAR's Debt and Financial Management Training Programme (DFM) admits about 2 to 3 interns from around the world. These interns work with UNITAR full-time for four to six months on an unpaid basis in the areas related to our fields of interest. For example, interns assist in preparing Workshops, Training Programmes, Evaluation Reports, Publication Series, developing Training Methodologies, assisting in curriculum and online course development and updating Databases. Since the programme is growing, specific assignments are available for each intern, allowing him/her to get practical hands-on experience in our Institute. For those students interested in developmental issues, internship experience at UNITAR will indeed be valuable for future career openings in international organizations/development assistance agencies as well as a practical insight into areas relating to development economics, finance, negotiations and specific developmental issues in developing countries and economies in transition.

Requirements for Eligibility
UNITAR seeks motivated individuals with:

  • interest in working with developing countries and projects related therein;
  • Bachelors or Masters degree in law, economics, finance, public policy, international relations, political science or information systems;
  • fluency in spoken and written English or French;
  • excellent editorial skills in either English or French;
  • good knowledge of computer softwares specifically word processing (MS Word or Word Perfect) and database applications (MS-Access); and
  • knowledge of spreadsheet softwares (MS-Excel, optional).

Application Procedure
Due to the continuous need for intern assistance in the programme, UNITAR encourages applications all year round and selects interns on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in working with UNITAR-DFM as an intern, please prepare the following documents:

  • A cover letter [including a brief description of your specific interest and motivation for undertaking an internship with us; duration - minimum 4 months - and proposed date of commencement];
  • Your Curriculum Vitae [including university references, average grades at university, and your contact details (telephone and email)];
  • Copy of a recent paper you have written [in English]; and
  • Letters of recommendation (optional).

Then, send the above cited documents to:

Mr. Babar Kamal
Programme Co-ordinator
Debt and Financial Management
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10

Tel:+41 22 917 12 34
Fax:+41 22 917 80 47

Due to the volume of applications, we regret our inability to notify the result to all applicants individually. Candidates will be contacted only if they stand a fair chance of being selected.


Interns, as part of their application procedure, need to forward ALL of the following documents to UNITAR Geneva the soonest possible.

  • Photocopy of Passport (pages with personal details/photo);
  • Two passport size photos (in colour);
  • Signed and dated "Conditions Governing the UNITAR Attachment Programme for Interns and Visiting Scholars" form (download form );
  • Request for Security Ground Pass - Form A (download form );
  • Request for Building Pass/Magnetic Card (download form ); and
  • Proof of Medical Insurance (photocopy of requisite documents).


Recent UNITAR/DFM Interns

Julien Boucheron

(October 2006)
Student - Institut de Finance et Management (IFM) de Genève, Switzerland

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(September 2006)
Student - Nalsar University of Law in Hyderabad, India

[read comments]


(May 2006)
Student - Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki, Finland

[read comments]


(January 2006)
Student - International University in Geneva, Switzerland

[read comments]

Andreas M. SCHMALZ

(November 2005)
Student - Université de Genève - Geneva, Switzerland

[read comments]


(August 2005)
Student - Complutense University - Madrid, Spain

[read comments]

Marie-Agnes SARR

(July 2005)
Student - Institut Universitaire d'Etudes du Développement (IUED) - Genève, Suisse

[read comments]

Kerstin Schueler

(May 2005)
Student - University of Freiburg, Germany

[read comments]

Fatoumata Touré

(January 2005)
Student - The George Washington University (GWU), Washington DC, USA

[read comments]

Fatoumata Traore

(December 2004)
Student - Institut Universitaire d'Etudes du Développement (IUED) - Genève, Suisse

[read comments]

Bhavuk Agarwal

(October 2004)
Student - Thames Valley University, UK

[read comments]

Emmanuelle Bennett

(August 2004)
Student - Université Pierre Mendes, Grenoble, France

[read comments]

Sudeshna Basu

(August 2004)
Student - Kent Law School - Brussels School of International Studies

[read comments]

Isolde Bielek

(July 2004)
Student - Universität Augsburg, Germany

[read comments]

Kirsten Odynski

(Feb. 2004)
Student - University of Alberta, Canada

[read comments]

Faisal Yusuf

(Jan. 2004)
Student - London School of Economics, UK

[read comments]

Anders Jutell

(Nov. 2003)
Student - Stockholm University, Sweden

[read comments]

Michael Meier

(Nov. 2003)
Student - University of Fribourg, Switzerland

[read comments]

Ariane Bourjault

(Oct. 2003) Student, Ecole de traduction et d'interprétation, Geneva

[read comments]

Isabelle Djeni

(August 2003) Student, University of Tours, France

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Kristina Smith

(May 2003) Student, American University, Washington DC
The United States of America

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Lauren Smith

(July 2002)
Student of Research and Statistics
Brigham Young University
The United States of America

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(June 2002)
Admin. Trainee
Annemasse, France

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Milou van Rooyen

(Sept. 2001)
Student of Public Administration
Leiden University
The Netherlands

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