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'A la Carte' Workshops

For your institutional and departmental needs, UNITAR can develop short duration a la carte workshops. Consult our sample a la carte courses below for more details on how UNITAR can assist in training your employees in debt and financial management issues:

Legal Aspects of Debt and Financial Management
Drafting Clauses in Loan Agreements
Negotiation of Loan Agreements
Development of Capital Markets
Legal Aspects of Privatization
Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Regional Workshops and On-Line Courses
[also see our Events for 2004 | On-Line Courses]

Through a range of regional and national seminars and workshops, UNITAR can assist you meet your organizations' particular training goals for this year. Consult our training 'events' for this year as well as the 'intended audience' for that particular event to see if it matches your particular profile and aspirations.

As from January 2001, UNITAR is deveveloping a number of on-line training courses (web-based training) with a view to offering training through the internet. This has the advantage of flexibility and access to materials and links to experts through the world wide web. Consult our on-line programmes and procedure for registration.

Document Series, Training Packages and Glossaries
[also see our Document Series | Training Packages | Glossaries]
  As part of its training programmes, UNITAR publishes a document series, training packages and glossaries in the legal aspects of debt and financial management. Consult our website to see the availability of recent documents. These materials can also be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE directly from this website.

Best Practices
[also see our Best Practices Series]

  This series will contain 'Best Practices' in relation to External Debt and Financial Management. Publications (if not out of stock) are available in hardcopy as well over the web FREE OF CHARGE.

  Our Training Programmes can also help you at an Individual Level. Learn More >>
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