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Joint UNITAR/WAIFEM Sub-Regional Workshop on
Legal Aspects of Debt Negotiation and Renegotiation for West Africa
23-27 April 2001, Banjul, The Gambia

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            • Welcome Address by Dr. Chris O. ITSEDE, Director General of WAIFEM.
            • Keynote Address by Hon. M. C. BAJO, Governor of the Central Bank of The Gambia
              and Chairman of th Board of Governors of WAIFEM.

Mr. Bolaji Owasanoye Mr. Bolaji Owasanoye (profile)
Associate Research Professor
Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Areas of Specialization:
Legal Aspects of Debt and Financial Management;
Negotiation of Loan Agreements;
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration;
African Negotiation Traditions;
Human Rights Issues;
Money Laundering and Corruption Issues.
Resource Person:
Mr. Akin Arikawe

Mr. Akin Arikawe (profile)
Director General and Chief Executive
Nigerian Debt Management Office

Areas of Specialization:
Legal Aspects of Debt and Financial Management;
Negotiation of Loan Agreements;
Paris Club Rescheduling;
Institutional Aspects of Debt Management Offices;
HIPC Initiative.

Resource Person:
Dr. Frank A. Mwine Dr. Frank A. Mwine (profile)
Chairman/Managing Director
Uganda Consulthouse

Areas of Specialization:
Legal Aspects of Debt and Financial Management;
Negotiation of Loan Agreements;
World Bank Agreements;
African Development Bank;
Privatization Issues;
Foreign Investment;
Drafting of Contracts and Loan Agreements;
Setting up Negotiation Teams;
Institutional Aspects of Debt Management.

Participant Assessment:
Janet Ramatoulie Sallah-Njie This workshop was highly practically oriented. It has given me an insight into raising a negotiating team with the role each person plays and also to negotiate interests rather than positions. The resource persons, all of whom were practitioners in the realm of international finance, were highly impressive and we all benefited from their wealth of experience. - Mrs. Janet Ramatoulie Sallah-Njie, Legal Adviser to the Central Bank of The Gambia
Participant Assessment:
Mohamed Alie Nallo This workshop enhanced my ability to look more critically at loan/credit agreements with a view to making them more advantageous to my government. It also improved my skills in negotiating and encouraged me to freely share views with other professionals - lawyers etc. - Mr. Mohamed Alie Nallo, Deputy Financial Secretary of Sierra Leone, West Africa
Participant Assessment:
Mrs. Mary Magdalene Odiase The workshop has exposed me to external borrowing and negotiation issues. - Mrs. Mary Magdalene Odiase, Legal Officer, Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation
Participant Assessment:
Jude Chuka Esiaka This workshop has exposed me to the intricacies of international loan agreements as well as the important role of lawyers in drafting and monitoring of such agreements.
Jude Chuka Esiaka, Assistant Director, International Financial Transactions Surveillance Office (IFTSO)
Participant Assessment:
Mrs. Comfort Ahwoi This workshop has given me further insight in understanding the complex nature of international loan agreements as well as appreciating some of the unique peculiarities inherent in the drafting of such agreements. I expect that it will enhance my performance in drafting and allow me to be better equipped in handling loan agreements particularly the international loan agreements.
- Mrs. Comfort Ahwoi, Manager, Bank of Ghana
Participant Assessment:
Abdul-Rahman C. Sessay The workshop benefited me in better understanding the Legal Aspects of Debt Negotiation and Re-negotiation.
- Abdul-Rahman C. Sessay, Development Planning Officer, Ministry of Development & Economic Planning, Sierra Leone

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