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I. Links to e-Learning related sites

  • Assumption University e-Learning courses
    This company offers free online courses in different areas. Their concept of e-Learning is a very simple and nice introduction to e-Learning; excellent for newcomers as an introduction to the subject of e-Learning.

  • ASTD E-Learning Community
    The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) is the world's premier professional association and leading resource on workplace learning and performance issues. It provides useful white papers, reports and glossaries. It makes available a discussion board where everybody can participate easily. For some content membership is unfortunately required.

  • BigKnowledge
    BigKnowledge is a leader in the development of customized e-Learning solutions. In the technology-based training business since 1994, BigKnowledge specialize in high quality interactive online training materials, courses, and systems for delivery via the Web or on CD-ROM.

  • Blackboard Inc.
    Blackboard Inc. is the leading enterprise software company for e-Education. Blackboard offers a complete suite of enterprise software products and services that power e-Education programs in their primary markets - Higher Education, Corporate/Government and International. They also provide the software for the UNITAR e-Learning courses.

  • e-Learning Centre
    The e-Learning Centre provides a free information resource for educators and training professionals on e-learning. The e-Learning Centre web page now contains thousands of links to selected and reviewed e-learning articles, reports; examples of e-learning best practice; vendors of e-learning content, technology and services; as well as e-learning conferences, seminars, workshops and other e-learning events.

  • eLearning for Sustainable Development - IGES Capacity Building Programme
    IGES (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies) offers on its web page after free subscription different e-Learning courses in areas of sustainable development; for example "Introduction to Climate Change" or "How to Negotiate".

  • Encyclopedia of Educational Technology
    This encyclopedia contents very well presented and easy to understand articles or short introductions in the different areas of Cognition and Learning, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of e-Learning.

  • Guide Tools - eLearning Engine
    Guide Tools offers a free Trainers' Introduction to eLearning. They have prepared this guide to share the knowledge they gained during their professional e-Learning journey.

  • The Information for Development Program of the World Bank
    infoDev is a global program managed by the World Bank to help developing economies fully benefit from modern information systems.

  • International Forum of Educational Technology & Society
    IFETS encourages discussions on the issues affecting the educational system developer and education communities. The provided resources are more academic and are quite demanding for a newcomer to e-Learning.

  • The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
    A referred e-journal for advance research, theory and best practice in open and distance learning worldwide. It provides a large amount of high-quality articles about e-learning in english. The abstract of each article is also available in Chinese, Spanish and French.

  • Internet Time Group
    The Internet Time Group and its founder Jay Cross post on this web page a huge amount of articles, papers, comments and presentations about all aspects of e-Learning, the mere amount of content and its somewhat tedious presentation on the web page may be a little bit confusing.

  • Learnframe
    This e-Learning solution provider gives an excellent and broad overview of e-Learning from the side of a solution provider.

  • Learning Channel
    This British web page is a very well organized information tool about e-Learning. It gives quite a broad overview about e-Leaning and the development of an e-leaning course. It also gives some examples of simple implemented e-Learning courses.

  • Learning Circuits
    This is the ASTD's online magazine about e-Learning. The best way to keep up-to-date with the fast evolution in the field of e-Learning is to periodically have a look at this web page.

  • LTI Magazine has what you need to stay on top of new developments, select among e-learning options, and find answers to your questions. Each day you'll find the best information on building and delivering advanced learning environments for business, government, and higher education.

  • Saba
    Saba helps organizations effectively execute business strategies with its standards-based Enterprise Performance Management solutions. Saba has delivered the industry's most comprehensive enterprise learning solution.

  • Singapore's e-Learning House
    This Singaporean web page is first of all a very well organized and broad link collection to different online sources of e-learning. Although the amount and the spectrum of resources is very broad, the quality of the content is always controlled and updated.

  • Thot
    Thot is a French weekly online journal on the current events related to distance learning and its evolution in French-speaking countries. Thousands of articles have been published in Thot since it was launched in 1998. This website contains valuable information and links on distance learning.

  • United Nations System Staff College (UNSCC) -- Online Learning
    Visit this website to learn about the learning resources and virtual learning academy which has been set up by the UNSSC.

  • United Nations University (UNU) -- Online Learning Resources
    UNU/Online Learning, in partnership with a number of educational institutions, will deliver a variety of capacity development opportunities to learners worldwide, using a range of learning technologies. UNU Online Learning regularly produces documentation explaining the University's approach to online education. This section of the Online Website acts as a repository for this documentation, where staff can download position papers and other relevant guidance materials.

  • Web-Based Training Information Center
    The Web-Based Training Information Center (WBTIC) is a free information resource for anyone interested in developing and delivering online learning. Here you will find articles about Web-based training and e-learning industry trends. You can participate in surveys and you can find links to other valuable resources.

  • WebCT
    WebCT is the world's leading provider of e-Learning solutions for higher education. Their mission is to help institutions deliver on their commitment to educational excellence with enterprise-wide learning management solutions which integrate the richest and most flexible pedagogical tools with existing campus infrastructure.

  • Wissensplanet
    This German web page is a very good and well known forum for all e-Learning interested and concerned people in German-speaking Europe. The resources provided are often of a very high quality.

II. e-Learning Terminology / Selected Glossary Sites (English/French)

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