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Impressions and Feedback of Participants of
UNITAR's first e-Learning Course

(Negotiation of Financial Transactions, 15 September to 27 October 2003)

UNITAR has successfully concluded its first six-week internet-based e-Learning course entitled 'Negotiation of Financial Transactions'. As part of this course, 184 participants from 67 countries successfully completed all course assignments and are eligible for a certificate. What follows is specific impressions and feedback of our e-participants relating to our e-Learing course. The messages below are posted at random and do not follow any particular order.

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UNITAR course has more than fulfilled my expectations on what you can obtain from an on-line training season. It has been perfectly conducted by dedicated UNITAR staff as well as by excellent professors. Facilities provided on the site were simply extraordinary whereas working material have been produced with rigor and sufficient extension to cover the course period.

More importantly, I have been positively surprised by the enthusiastic participation of all colleagues around the world, which has definitely been a key factor to get a better understanding of the current issues around financial negotiations.

Jose Joaquin Morte Molina
Council of Europe Development Bank

First of all I must say in a brief way that taking this course was a great experience to share. I felt very connected to my fellow mates, and the discussion forums were very interesting. I really enjoyed the reading material (even though I must say that sometimes it was to much for me) and I think that I've learned a lot. It was really worth it.

I think this method is something new and that it's going to be the key to the knowledge management in XXI century. I want to congratulate Unitar for giving us this tremendous opportunity and for starting this as a way to educate and to reach to different people around the world.

Maria Rita Martinengo
Bruchou, Fernandez Madero, Lombardi & Mitrani (BFML&M)

I think the course was very well organised and quite timely with the ever increasing decrease in donor funding of such in the third world. The material was very explicit and the forums ever so helpful.

The only place i think a modification would be nice is in terms of incorporating a chat room. That will take quite a bit but am sure it could be done.

Obinna Nwokedi
Data Group, Debt Management Office

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the UNITAR elearning course, “Negotiation of Financial Transactions.” The course format was designed very well, such that it allowed participants from a large number of countries to exchange their views and insights into the
various topics, as well as to get timely responses to questions and requests for clarification. The course materials were well-written and interesting, and didn’t overwhelm the reader with overly technical details.

I particularly enjoyed being able to interact with and learn from people with such different backgrounds and experience, and to benefit from the different perspectives that each brought to the discussion. Professor Daniel Bradlow’s responses and clarifications in the online discussions were also very interesting and helpful.

Finally, I would like to thank UNITAR for putting together this stimulating course and making it available to us, and to commend the technical team for the minimisation of glitches in the system.

Michael Fitzgerald
Ph.D. candidate
Department of Philosophy
National University of Singapore

The course is very useful for those involved in financial transactions in one way or the other. It creates an understanding of sources of funds, how to use tham and how to negotiate them. It is indeed an empowering tool for anybody involved in financial transactions. The course is very interactive and the approach is good enabling self study. Discussions group allow for enriching discussions among the students themselves and for any questions the course coordinator is always at hand to provide answers.

Jennifer A. Nyambala
Corporate Planning Engineer
Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited

The course on negotiation of financial transactions is exhaustive, extensive and intensive. Considering the fact that participants are always engaged with their routine work, I am suggesting that UNITAR Board continue assessing the performance of participants solely on the quiz. Except the Board review their mandate of taking quizzes say after two weeks, but it will be very much difficult for participants to fully participate on the discussion board not alone read other sets of materials required for courses.
With the help of UNITAR to achieve the dream of participants i.e. awarding Diplomas for a set of courses completed by participants, I am suggesting that measures be put in place for participants to attempt quizzes at most three times in order to obtain the required grade before a diploma be awarded.

In addition to the excellent courses UNITAR has started organizing, I am suggesting that UNITAR widen its scope to cover fiscal and macroeconomic issues considering the fact that fiscal policy has been central to the success of Norway’s economic strategy (Norway…… 1998 Article IV Consultation, Preliminary Conclusions of the Staff Mission October 27, 1998).

On my part, despite the pending nature of my job, which I was doing and will always do perfectly, I was able to read, memorize and answer questions within the stipulated time frame and obtain the minimum required grade. I was very much impressed about it and Bravo to me.

On the part of UNITAR, the materials provided for the course were excellent. By that I mean, easy to comprehend, consistent, you name them.

For the simple fact that this is my first time of undertaking such a task over the internet, a lot of experience was gained and will continue to be gained if such courses are quickly forth coming.

Issues that I was initially incapable of addressing can now be effective addressed with very senior officials of the Ministry. Bravo for all the knowledge and experience gained with the help of UNITAR.

Adams Tandorswefa Tommy
Research Assistant
Economic Policy Research Unit (EPRU)
Ministry of Finance

Sierra Leone

UNITAR’s Negotiation of Financial Transactions course was my first e-learning course and I am happy that it turned out well for me. I found the materials very informative and I appreciate the way the materials were presented in plain and simple language. The prompt responses of Prof. Bradlow to questions were very encouraging. The discussions heightened my interest in the various aspects of financial transactions.

I have benefited immensely from the course and as a matter fact, I am already applying what I learned to my work. The course helped me get a more meaningful perspective of financial transactions. That has allowed me to better appreciate my role in the whole process. It has also inspired me to examine how financial transactions are processed in my organization with the end in view of recommending ways to improve it.

Many thanks, UNITAR!

Ramil E. Bugayong
Attorney V
Department of Finance

At the end of this course, I want to thank all the UNITAR Team, Directors for the quality of course's materials, and all the participants on the course for their contributions.
Sincerlery it is honorable for me and for my country TOGO (West Africa) to get a certificate from UNITAR elearning course.

I am in charge of multilateral debt in debt Management Departement. This course is beneficial for me. It had allowed me more understanding the role of lawyer in financial transactions.

Economists and Lawyers have to work together in financial transactions. It is very important for a debt manager to know the process of negociation of projet.

I hope that UNITAR will include my name in next the course. Thanks.

Lowgnet Kponyo
Ministere de l'economie des finances et de la privatisation

I´m very exited and very proud for completing this course and be eligible for a UNITAR certificate. This course was very enlightening because of the new knowledge I've gained. It was also very challenging, I had to work, take french classes, do sports and study for this course. Even during the week number 6 I was out of my country taking vacation and reading my UNITAR course materials ...was just amazing for me. Now I m absolutely thankful to the organization.

I hope to be included in another upcoming UNITAR courses.

Manuel Ramos
Superintendencia Nacional de Administracion Tributaria y Aduanera del Peru

The participation in the said course was a very interesting and excited experience. I think it is a very relevant use of information technology. The contents of course are well designed and presented in very impressive way. I want to avail this opportunity to identify that there should be some introductory material on new Loan Products of IBRD, ADB.

Malik Muhammad Afaq
Assistant Chief
Economic Affairs Division

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