UNITAR e-Learning Course on 'Negotiation of Financial Transactions'

These selected comments were taken from the Course Evaluation Questionnaire (Survey) submitted by the participants. Due to limited space we cannot print the hundreds of comments made available. The purpose of this compilation is to help prospective participants assess the usefulness of the course.

I am very proud for the great opportunity to be enrolled within this course. Has meant a lot to me and helped me to improve my legal knowledge as well the negotiation skills.

This strategy for worldwide human development must continue. It is one of the best things that the UN has done for humanity and the Third World especially.

Course Objectives and Expected Outcomes
This course was primarily intended for government lawyers and other government officials who were interested in learning more about the structuring and negotiating of financial transactions between developing countries and their external sources of funds. Participants of this course have obtained a greater knowledge of: 1) the different potential external sources of funds that may be available to developing country borrowers and their relative suitability for the purposes for which developing country borrowers seek external funds; 2) the key terms and documentation used in transactions with each of these external sources of funds; and 3) the contributions that lawyers can make to the structuring and negotiating of these financial transactions.
Course Duration and Work Load
This course was conducted by UNITAR over the internet and was made available to participants for a six-week period. The course required participants to work for at least 25 hours to complete all compulsory reading materials and assignments during this six-week period. The work load for this e-Learning course was equivalent to a five-day traditional (face-to-face, instructor-led) workshop.
Course Pedagogy
This e-Learning course provided participants with (a) compulsory reading materials; (b) additional reading materials; (c) bibliography of references; (d) glossary of terms; (e) external links to Internet resources; (f) lesson reviews; (g) an instructor-moderated asynchronous discussion board; (h) community tools for email exchanges among course participants and with instructors; (i) quizzes and assessments; and (j) learning tools using new information technologies.

This course has brought me beyond my basic knowledge of loan agreements to a level where I feel I could be of great use to a government dealing with these issues. I feel this course has made me proficient in the subject matter in a way I had not thought possible prior to the course, I'm excited to endorse UNITAR and the E-Learning experience, it is truly a great experience.

The course has been very useful and I could do it all over again and look forward to participating in future courses. It is especially relevant to my work and I look forward to more effectively delivering on my mandate and sharing with my colleagues.

The courses are good, detailed and very relevant. I encourage UNITAR to continue.

I had a very challenging time studying and I have recommended this course to some professional colleagues. I have benefited tremendously from the course.

I really appreciated the concern of the UNITAR team when I was not available for a while. I thank the Team for giving me the opportunity to benefit from their vast experience and knowledge, and also availing me/us of so much resources. I congratulate all other participants, wish them well and pray we all will cyber meet if not physically someday. I look forward to participating in future courses by UNITAR if accepted. I will proudly carry the flag as an "alumnus". Thank you UNITAR and the UNITAR Team for the Negotiation of Financial Transactions Course.

... am very grateful to UNITAR for this course I think it has been my first e-learning course and it has been rather excellent, the content and outline was very good. Looking forward to other courses.

This course has opened a new way of learning that can be used effectively by professionals like me as one can pace yourself. It also makes it possible from many in the Third World to get knowledge at a low cost. This kind of a course can be very expensive if it has to be given through private colleges.

I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for offering this course. I cannot say how much you helped countries in need when you offered this course.

I have sincerely enjoyed and appreciated the time spent during this academic and learning experience. My theoretical background as from now in regard to the online course will equip me with the ability to handle any kind of practical challenge in the field of Negotiation of Financial Transactions. Thanks for the team which has made this new experience possible.

The course helped me very much in understanding the intricacies involved in the international financial transactions. Thank you.

The course is good, practical, informative, challenging, objective but more so organised well to take care of quite a number of participants needs. Please keep up with the good work.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity to participate in this e-learning course. It was my first experience of this kind, and I got more convinced that such learning tools can help acquire knowledge. Thanks to all who made this learning experience possible for me, through their efforts and dedication.

Congratulations and thanks for offering this great opportunity to enable us (people of poor countries) to obtain highly valuable knowledge and get inside of International Financial Transactions as well as to know more about the IMF, the World Bank, and the Paris & London Club… as well as gain and understanding of techniques of Negotiation.

First of all thanks to UNITAR Team for giving me an excellent chance to attend the Course. Before attending that Course my concepts and knowledge was very limited about Negotiation of Financial Transactions. But now after completing my course I can argue with any one on Negotiation of Financial Transaction with full confidence. Once again I thank the UNITAR Team.

It was a wonderful experience once again for me. I take this opportunity to thank UNITAR and Course Director and his staff for the wonderful way in which it was conducted. I also take this opportunity to thank UNITAR for having given me a chance to participate in the course. I look forward to more opportunities. Thank you all once again.

The Course was simply EXCELLENT. Thank you to One and All.

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