UNITAR e-Learning Course on 'Capital Market Development and Regulation (Advanced Course)'

These selected comments were taken from the Course Evaluation Questionnaire (Survey) submitted by the participants. Due to limited space we cannot print the hundreds of comments made available. The purpose of this compilation is to help prospective participants assess the usefulness of the course.

It was an excellent learning experience and I wish to congratulate UNITAR on arranging such wonderful learning opportunity for government and private sector officials of the developing countries.

Course Objectives and Expected Outcomes
This course was designed for participants specifically from the public and private sector who (a) have some experience in capital market matters and/or (b) have successfully passed the UNITAR’s Basic Course in Capital Market Development and Regulation. The course provided participants with working knowledge of the importance of capital markets to domestic economic growth and the role and responsibilities of government to foster such development. Specifically, the course allowed participants a greater understanding and appreciation of (1) how an efficient capital market should be developed and structured; (2) existing rules and regulations and country economic circumstances; (3) policy concerns facing government in the regulation of the capital market; (4) the need for continuing cross-communication and cooperation between public and private sector; (5) regulatory measures that could improve SMEs and medium-sized businesses’ capital-raising opportunities; and (6) measures to increase public confidence in the operation and integrity of the capital market.
Course Duration and Work Load
This course was conducted by UNITAR over the internet and was made available to participants for a six-week period. The course required participants to work for at least 25 hours to complete all compulsory reading materials and assignments during this six-week period. The work load for this e-Learning course was equivalent to a five-day traditional (face-to-face, instructor-led) workshop.
Course Pedagogy
This e-Learning course provided participants with (a) compulsory reading materials; (b) additional reading materials; (c) bibliography of references; (d) glossary of terms; (e) external links to Internet resources; (f) lesson reviews; (g) an instructor-moderated asynchronous discussion board; (h) community tools for email exchanges among course participants and with instructors; (i) quizzes and assessments; and (j) learning tools using new information technologies.

This is my first experience in participating in an on line course and I have enjoyed it tremendously It has been very interesting. I have not only learnt a lot from the various lessons, but I have interacted with various people from different background of life. I have also made new friends. I will definitely participate in other e-learning courses in the future.

I take this opportunity to say a big thanks to the course director, the e-learning team, the course participants and all who help in diverse ways to make this virtual theater a big success. Thank you all, it's my hope to see you again in another virtual class of UNITAR. Great thanks!

Glad to have completed and thanks for the ride. Looking forward to do more e-learning courses in the nearest future.

I will say I have undergone a postgraduate programme and have received a degree in capital market management. I can effortlessly go out and challenge the operators of the system by adding my voice and writings and also be a good player in the system. I have the dream of setting up a financial consultancy firm in the future and with what I have gained from this course, I believe that I am better equipped.

I would like to thank UNITAR for this great opportunity. This is a rare privilege as I have obtained a great deal from this course. I am sure other participants have gained much as well. I promise to put the knowledge acquired to the best possible use and be a worthy Ambassador of UNITAR. Thank You.

The Course was very rewarding in terms of content and delivery. It exposed me to a whole new concepts, ideas and issues in capital market. I say bravo to UNITAR.

I loved the course. Now I understand a lot about capital market development since I took the basic course, and now the advanced course. I believe I can play a strong role in my country to aid in solving the problems of the capital market.

The course is highly informative and educative. I am proud of being part of the program. I want to use this opportunity say thank you to UNITAR for making this course available to us. Looking forward to other beautiful courses.

Thank you for the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge on Capital Market Development and Regulation. It has really been an eye-opener. Keep up the good work.

I am extremely happy that I participated in this course, it has broadened my horizon in no small way and I want to thank the UNITAR team for establishing an e-learning course like this.

The course has helped my understanding of the workings of the capital markets in my country and it has also given me an advantage in my job in the way I access and understand company accounts.

The course is an interesting one and should never be stopped at all. In fact, people should be encourage to do it. I appreciate the efforts of UNITAR, Course instructors and all participants for endeavoring their time for the course.

It was a great experience and also very educational, it has exposed me to a lot of opportunities. Thank you UNITAR for giving this priceless asset.

The course was well structured, the content very informative and knowledge boosting. External links have given the opportunity to gather adequate information in areas of interest. Contacts made with fellow participants will go a long way in cementing working relationships. I have been enriched by participating and my work process will be better for it. Thank you for the opportunity once again.

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