UNITAR e-Learning Course on 'Capital Market Development and Regulation'

These selected comments were taken from the Course Evaluation Questionnaire (Survey) submitted by the participants. Due to limited space we cannot print the hundreds of comments made available. The purpose of this compilation is to help prospective participants assess the usefulness of the course.

This has been one of the most interesting, relevant and valuable courses I have taken in over 4 decades of continuing education. I don’t know how UNITAR came to send me the brochure, but I feel very fortunate to have participated! Many thanks, and I’ll be glad of any opportunity to contribute something back to the effort.

Course Objectives and Expected Outcomes
To allow participants from the public and private sector a greater understanding and appreciation of: (1) how an efficient capital market should be developed and structured; (2) existing rules and regulations and country economic circumstances; (3) policy concerns facing government in the regulation of the capital market; (4) the need for continuing cross-communication and cooperation between public and private sector; (5) regulatory measures that could improve SMEs and medium-sized businesses' capital-raising opportunities; and (6) measures to increase public confidence in the operation and integrity of the capital market.
Course Duration and Work Load
This course was conducted by UNITAR over the internet and required participants to work for at least 25 hours to complete all compulsory reading materials and assignments during this period. The work load for this e-Learning course was equivalent to a five-day traditional (face-to-face, instructor-led) workshop.
Course Pedagogy
This e-Learning course provided participants with (a) compulsory reading materials; (b) additional reading materials; (c) bibliography of references; (d) glossary of terms; (e) external links to Internet resources; (f) lesson reviews; (g) an instructor-moderated asynchronous discussion board; (h) community tools for email exchanges among course participants and with instructors; (i) quizzes and assessments; and (j) learning tools using new information technologies.

As a government official, I look forward to more courses in relevant areas. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

The course really provided me opportunity to know more about capital markets and privatisation programmes of both the developed and developing countries. The materials were very useful and the external links too. So many things were made known to me which I did not know before participating.

The concept of this e-learning with UNITAR is brilliant and I would like to thank everyone involved for providing such a rewarding experience and the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful people from so many varied cultures and legal systems.

This course comes at an appropriate moment, my country of working (Rwanda) is in the process to establish a capital market. The knowledge received will permit me to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable capital market.

I think the course instructor has taken a great deal of effort to devise this courseware, and is one of the most comprehensive and apt courseware I have ever encountered.

I appreciate and enjoy these two aspects: 1. The case study type questions on the discussion board: The case study type questions can reflect real situation to a certain extent and it can give participants to apply what have learnt from the reading materials and brainstorm their ideas. This practical approach is good. 2. The 'Director's response' message posted by the course instructor in each discussion session: The format of 'Director's response' message is to summarize all the participants' responses under that topic/case, the course instructor analyzed the case and added his view points. This gives participants a deeper insight on the topic/case and learn to think from wider perspectives.

I want to vote the Capital Markets Development and Regulation course the best course that I have attended. The context was right for me, the material very well written and easy to read. Glossary included in every chapter explained every new term encountered. It was a privilege participating in this course.

I enjoyed the course so much and my excitement hasn't subsided yet. Most of all I've gained so much useful and helpful knowledge which am going to make use of. Am aspiring to become a fellow of the Macro Economic and Finance Management Institute of Eastern and Central Africa and at the interviews I informed them that am participating in this course which seemed to have scored some points. This learning will go a long way for me.

In my opinion it is a comprehensive course designed for capital markets. It include all the basic and some advanced level topics in it. It provides a clear understanding of Capital Market Development. It has a positive impact on my learning.

I have benefited immensely from this course especially with regard to the reading material. I was not an active participant on the discussion board and may have lost out on some other valuable contributions but, in sum, the course has reshaped my thinking and has instilled a strong desire in me to help the Ghanaian Capital Market to develop.

The course proved to be very informative for me. Prior to my current position I spent 5 years of my career in the capital market industry in Indonesia (emerging market) so the course gave me glimpse of the development of the capital market in Africa and from the discussions also the situation of capital markets in other regions from my e-learning classmates. I look forward to participate in future similar online courses. Hopefully UNITAR will also provide advance online courses so we will gain more knowledge.

I had a great time taking the course. I thought the materials were very substantial yet easy to read. The discussion topics were also very creative and stimulating. It was a great course overall.

My participation in this training has been an unforgettable experience I'll always cherish and enjoy.

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