UNITAR e-Learning Course on 'Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution - Introductory Course'

These selected comments were taken from the Course Evaluation Questionnaire (Survey) submitted by the participants. Due to limited space we cannot print the hundreds of comments made available. The purpose of this compilation is to help prospective participants assess the usefulness of the course.

E-learning course provides a lot more flexibility in terms of time and opportunity. In a traditional workshop I would not have been able to complete so much reading or do all of the quizzes in a timely fashion. Moreover, with e-learning I have met people from all corners of the globe and their contribution from their national perspective has enriched my learning experience in a way that traditional workshops could not have done.

Course Objectives and Expected Outcomes
To allow course participants a greater appreciation of: (1) Various methods available for the effective and efficient resolution of domestic and international commercial disputes other than courts, such as arbitration, mediation, conciliation, etc., and how to avail of the said facility and the procedure to be followed for the purpose. (2) The national and leading international arbitration institutions engaged in providing the services for the resolution of international commercial disputes; and their rules of procedure.
Course Duration and Work Load
This course was conducted by UNITAR over the internet and was made available to participants for a six-week period. The course required participants to work for at least 25 hours to complete all compulsory reading materials and assignments during this six-week period. The work load for this e-Learning course is equivalent to a five-day traditional (face-to-face, instructor-led) workshop.
Course Pedagogy
This e-Learning course provided participants with (a) compulsory reading materials; (b) additional reading materials; (c) bibliography of references; (d) glossary of terms; (e) external links to Internet resources; (f) lesson reviews; (g) an instructor-moderated asynchronous discussion board; (h) community tools for email exchanges among course participants and with instructors; (i) quizzes and assessments; and (j) learning tools using new information technologies.

This is a wonderful way of imparting knowledge for those with willingness to learn but are hampered either by time or resources.

By taking this course, I had got an opportunity to learn and understand various methods available for the effective and efficient resolution of domestic and international commercial disputes; the national and leading international arbitration institutions; and the related international protocols and conventions in a very efficient and effective manner.

The course was a breakthrough to me. It made me find answers to millions of questions on various official arbitration proceedings I was involved. Keep it up UNITAR.

This has been a rewarding opportunity and experience for me to join the course. I will recommend it to my colleagues and hope for a continuous and expanded similar and advance training activities.

It was my second experience in UNITAR e-courses. I found it very useful for people like me to renew their knowledge because the chances for post graduate courses or professional courses are not many. I hope to participate in many other e-courses.

This course has been very educative and relevant. I use this opportunity to thank the organizers of the course. I have had so much fun participating in the course.

I immensely enjoyed the course and look forward to another opportunity. I take this opportunity to thank all the organizers and participants.

I am just happy to participate for the third time in UNITAR e-learning course. I have the feeling of being part of an important community which share knowledge about important subject governing the world.

I consider this opportunity being offered by UNITAR to be invaluable. Training is not only expensive, it is also very difficult to get away to study at my level. E-learning is just what I need for my continuous professional development. I am already looking forward to participating in Capital Market Development e-Course. Please keep up your wonderful work especially for us participants in developing countries.

I wish to thank UNITAR team for granting me and the other participants the opportunity to expand our knowledge in ADR at very low cost. I have gained so much useful knowledge that will see me through most of my years in my profession as an advocate.

It was a great course and I've learnt a lot; I'll keep reviewing the materials, which without any doubt will be of great assistance in my daily work.

I am really impressed by the content and presentation of the course and I am very eager for further opportunities where unlike this time, where I basically just took advantage of the contents of the course and of the inputs of other colleagues, I am going be able to contribute more for the enrichment of the course.

I found the course excellent as to the contents and usefulness. I found it very well organised and supported by the course team and managed by the course instructor.

This course has been great. It has been a great learning experience. I can't complain about anything. If I have to complain it would be about my failure to sufficiently take advantage of the discussion forum. Because of my participation in this course and the realization that there is so much that can be learnt via the Internet I am now enthused and ready to use the Internet to learn and develop as much as I can. To UNITAR, the course instructors and the persons responsible for administering the course I say thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and develop.

I am overjoyed to have got the opportunity to pursue this course. This course was certainly an educating one. And there is no doubt about it.

A very good learning opportunity for me. Congratulations to the organizers and the director for a very well designed course and a great degree of participation and communication maintained throughout the course. It will be useful to have some printed material available for the course to go back to when Internet/computer access is not so good or when the course closes.

Very well designed thoughtful programme that will go a long way in spreading the message of Arbitration as an Alternate Dispute Resolution Method.

What I liked about the course is that you are not bombarded with information within a short space of time. You get 2 materials for a week giving you time to absorb and understand the information.

I have enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. I have met other participants from around the world and hope to meet them at the Arbitration proceedings someday.

The course has been a very interesting one and has no doubt enhanced my knowledge and understanding on Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. I am sure that whatever I have learnt from the course will be of some use to me in my career.

100% great. Congratulations UNITAR and my teacher. Thanks.

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