Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Capacity Building Library:
A Compilation of Resource Documents (2nd Edition, 2003)
Prepared in collaboration with the IOMC PRTR Coordinating Group
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  Welcome! In response to the growing interest of countries to access resource documents which are relevant to national PRTR initiatives, UNITAR, in close collaboration with the IOMC PRTR Coordinating Group, has prepared the second edition of this CD to assist governments and interested parties in making informed choices in designing national PRTR systems. This CD comprises documents and resources which countries may want to review. These include: PRTR related legislation and policy recommendations; PRTR data reports; international guidance documents on PRTR design; documents on public dissemination, right-to-know and data evaluations; guidance on emission release estimation; reports of international conferences, workshops and related events; and PRTR websites.

A PRTR is a means for obtaining regular, periodic information about releases and/or transfers of chemical substances of interest and for making this information accessible to those who may be interested and/or affected by it. As such, a PRTR is a tool for promoting efficient and effective policies for environmental protection and sustainable development.
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