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Programme Areas

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Programme Area 2: Support of GHS Capacity Development at the Country Level

Country-based GHS pilot projects can serve to catalyse national action through multi-stakeholder collaboration and serve as a testing ground to review drafts of GHS-related guidance and training material. They also provide important feedback to the international community regarding opportunities and challenges associated with GHS implementation in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Activities in this programme area include support of national GHS awareness raising workshops, GHS capacity self-needs assessments and national GHS action plan development involving all interested and affected parties.

Initial indicators for this Programme Area include the following:

  • Number of Country based pilot projects on GHS Action Plan Development completed in each UN Region, including: awareness raising workshop, situation analysis, action plan development and implementing legislation.
  • National GHS Action Plan projects initiated in the greatest possible number of countries, subject to the availability of resources.

Details regarding activities, progress and future plans in Programme Area 2 may be found in the Annual Reports of the Partnership.