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GHS Expert Roster


The GHS Roster of Experts is a database of individuals with expertise related to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. These experts are available to provide support on training and capacity building activities in the application of GHS classification, labelling and safety data sheets in specific sectors and/or geographic regions. Their inclusion in this list is a voluntary effort and within their personal capacity. Experts in the roster are not necessarily official representatives of their respective organisations or endorsed by the Partnership.

This roster was developed in follow-up to the GHS Action Plan adopted by IFCS Forum IV in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2003 by UNITAR/ILO, as the focal point for capacity building in the UN Subcommittee of Experts for the GHS, and in collaboration with the Subcommittee.

To view all experts in the database, please click the “View all Experts” link. To search the Roster of Experts database for expertise in specific areas, please click “Search the ROE”.